Play Time with the Alpha

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, I got a new camera.  It’s my new favorite way to procrastinate.  First, since I do other things besides eat, cook, shop for food, and write about all of those things, some shots of the awesome Batala drumming group in DC that I took yesterday morning (fine, it was en route to the farmer’s market):

these ladies practice every saturday morning at mcpherson.

Batala Washington - the only all-women's Batala group in the world.

And just in case you need further incentive to check them out:

But I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t constantly preoccupied by food, like when I made tri-color Native American popcorn to snack on while reading about the disaster that was the IMF and World Bank in the 1980s (note on the corn: tastes the same, smaller pops, tri color kind of noticeable but not really– was it wrong of me to hope for purple popcorn??!).

tri color native american popcorn. smaller pops, same taste ... and not really tri-color.

Or when I made pickled chilies (technically these are cayennes) when I should have been running regression analyses:

the spicy, pickled.

I’m letting the peppers pickle fully before I taste test– and also because I need to pull together the ingredients for a dish that they can go in.  These lil guys are super picante and I have no desire to burn off my tastebuds. For once, my impatience is coming in second place.  If they’re good I’ll pass along the recipe.

Until then, the time I allotted myself for faffing around is over. Back to work I go!


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