Punkin Love

It’s officially fall today in DC– it’s chilly and overcast, much like the fall I’m used to from growing up in New England and three years of living in NYC.  It’s time for sweaters, hot cider, apple picking, and all things pumpkin.  I never, ever get sick of pumpkin (or the word pumpkin.  Pumpkin. Pumpkin! It’s so fun to say).  Baked started busting out the pumpkin (teehee) this past weekend in the form of pie and cupcakes, and my roomie (a fellow New Englander) brought home some tasty, tasty pumpkin beer this weekend.  It’s a trifecta of pumpkin deliciousness.  My camera and I are still in the honeymoon phase, so here we go … pictures!

pumpkin trifecta

Cupcake and pie both from baked & wired.  Beer from Maine!  It was the first time I’ve had Kennebunkport, but when I did a little intrepid googling to research found out that it’s actually an alternate label for Shipyard (and Sea Dog, which are all brewed at Federal Jack’s in Kennebunk).  So confusing!  Either way, I’m happy I get my boozy pumpkin fix.


This pie is phenomenal.  The crust is flaky and mild, really letting the fluffy, smooth pumpkin filling take center stage with lots of warm spices.  It’s not overly sweet, too, which I really enjoy.

pumpkin? cream cheese? what's not to love?

This pumpkin cupcake was seriously outstanding.  The cream cheese frosting is light (I think it might be whipped) and nicely seasoned with pumpkin pie spices.  It lends the perfect amount of tanginess to the cake, which is unbelievably soft and airy.  Again, it’s not overly sweet, which is key to a successful pumpkin dessert.

Disclaimer: although I do work at baked & wired, I’m writing this of my own volition and even paid for my pie and cupcake.  Just sayin’.


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