Putting Food on the Map (literally)

It’s probably shameful to admit on a cooking/food blog, but I haven’t really cooked in awhile.  I’ve been living off a supply of frozen veggie marinara sauce, curry and veggie burgers since about halfway through my midterms.  I’ll get back in the groove at some point, but it’s become a little bit more challenging now that the bounty of summer produce is on its way out.  As much as I love food, I’m just not a huge fan of the bazillion and one types of squashes, gourds (unless they’re tabletop decor— warning: contains strong language) and root veg that are everywhere in the markets at the moment.  In the interest of not neglecting this space completely, I’m going to be posting about some interesting food-related tidbits I’ve come across recently on the web and recycling some recipes of mine from when I was living in South Africa.

I’ve written here about Indian food before, whether it was my Bangalore-inspired rainbow curry or the sustainability of an Indian meal eaten in the traditional way.  What I haven’t touched on is the incredible diversity of Indian food (and culture!).  In a country with 1,576 classified languages and 22 “official” languages, uniqueness is something of a hallmark.  It can be found in dress, in both written and spoken languages, religion, geography and last but not least, the cuisine.  This is why I was so excited to discover the following map (via David Leibovitz and the Tasting Cultures blog) that maps out (har har) must-try Indian specialties.  I sampled most of the Karnatakan delicacies when I was living there, but as you’ll see from the huge list, I’m a long, LONG way from even making a dent in it (Mysore Pak is a particular favorite).  What have you tried?

picture from the Tasting Cultures blog


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