The idea for policy on rye started when I was living in Cape Town, working at a girls’ shelter in the Woodstock neighborhood to get some firsthand experience while preparing to start a graduate degree in  sustainable development policy (focusing on women and education).  I’ve always loved to cook, but a combination of  gorgeous South African produce, lack of a television and a budget that didn’t let  me go out or eat out meant I had a lot of time to kill after 6 pm– time that I spent  in the kitchen.  Although I was writing down recipes that I developed so I  wouldn’t forget them, funny kitchen incidents, epic market excursions and the  hazards of cooking with two fish-crazed kittens lent themselves to longer  narratives.  Now, I’m starting my MA in International Development Studies in  Washington, DC and still cooking away. Here is where I’ll share my stories, both  in and out of  the kitchen.


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